By Geoff Mangum

Golfers are always asking me about “grain” and how it affects putting speed and line complicating the reading of the putt. Well, guys and gals, there hasn’t been enough grain on greens to bother with since the 1980s.

This is a testament to the lethargy and basic ignorance that is perpetuated by “celebrity commentators” on television, like Johnny Miller.

I’ve been putting on greens around the world up to five hours a day for decades and with the exception of a very few “Bermuda” greens in south Florida, no grain is strong enough to matter.

Apparently, talking heads in golf don’t know this but the greens-agronomy experts at the USGA agree with me.

In 2008, John Foy, agronomist and Director of the USGA’s Green Section in Florida Region, wrote an article entitled “Grain on the Brain: Along with putting green speeds, the effects of ball roll receive too much television …

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