By Geoff Mangum

Here are six main ideas about putting.

1. First, “skill” requires knowledge of cause and effect.Ben Hogan was right: golf consists of two different games — one in the air and the other along the surface of the green. And typically, putting amounts to 40-45% of the strokes in every round of golf.

So why have golf media and golf teachers effectively ignored putting throughout the history of the game?

Rule No. 1: don’t do THAT — pay attention to putting.

Paying attention to putting means UNDERSTANDING putting as a consort of skills (reading, aiming, stroke for line, and stroke for distance or ball pace). Putting skills are skills of perception and movement.For every putt, the golfer needs the skill:

1) for reading the putt as perceiving the curved path the ball will follow (given the intended pace) from address into the cup;

2) for perceiving the start line of the curve and aiming the putter face accurately into the…

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