By Tom Wishon

There is no question that of all the clubheads in the set, the one that has always received the lion’s share of attention when it comes to new design technology is the Driver.

And why not?

After all, the Driver is the “big stick”…the club that seems to get the most attention.  The one that the companies are telling you that every new version is going to hit the ball even farther than ever before.

But a close second behind the driver in terms of the attention lavished on new club designs are the irons.  But instead of marketing on behalf of distance, new iron design marketing has camped on the promise of more accuracy.

After all, what is the priority when we pull an iron out of the bag to hit a shot?  Yes for sure, to hit the ball on the green as close to the hole as possible.

Yet here’s a really interesting fact about clubhead design. You can design more distance and more off-center hit forgiveness into a clubhead, but you cannot do one thing in the technical design of a clubhead to improve the accuracy.

Better accuracy is a product of proper FITTING for the golfer, not the domain of the head’s technology on its own.   If you want better accuracy from your clubs, being fit as accurately as possible for the lengths, lie angles, shaft weight, shaft flex, total weight, swingweight and the grip size and feel is how that is achieved.  Not from anything that has anything to do with the head’s design technology.


Well, if that’s the case, then what have club designers…

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