Age:                              31
Height:                       6 4″

Driver Specs:

3* XX Fuji JM shaft


  • Callaway
  • BMW Tomintoul
  • Flightscope
  • Perry Ellis

Special Accomplishments:

  • 2010 World Long Drive Champion
  • Over 30 European wins
  • Haven’t lost in Europe for 3 years straight (19 wins in a row)

What is your longest drive in competition?

474 yards

What were the conditions of the drive?

Into the wind, uphill, minus 10 degrees 😉

What lead you to choose your particular equipment specifications?

Pure feel, and the lowest loft possible

Do you favor a particular shot shape to hit it long?

Dead straight

What are the fastest swing speeds you’ve recorded on a Swing Speed Radar and/or Trackman?

156 mph FlightScope
153 mph Trackman

Do you use any training aids to work on your speed and power?


Do you do any other types of training to drive it further?

Bodybuilding, strength training, power lifting

Is there any particular bit of advice you would give the regular amateur for him or her to hit the ball longer?

First would be to hit the gym hard and get your diet on point to build muscle and strength.

Second would be to start…

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