By Jaacob Bowden

I do want to clarify one thing about swing speed training.

I’m not suggesting that you should swing at max speeds on the golf course. That’s not really a good idea. Rather, we want to raise your max speed so that your playing speed also goes up.

This is another cool thing you can use your radar to quickly test.

  • Go out to the range and start hitting drives at a speed at which you feel like you can keep your drives under control and hit pretty straight. Note the average speed.
  • Hit a few drives in which you swing all out without any care for where the ball goes. Note the average speed.

From the golfers that I’ve checked, it’s fairly normal to be able to keep control and go about 90-95% of your max speed. For me personally, I can control roughly 92% of my max. When I was testing PGA Tour player David Gossett, he was also at 92%.

As an example, let’s say your max speed is 100 mph and your controlled speed is 90 mph…or 90% of your max. After a month of swing speed training, you can now get your max up to 112 mph. That means that you can now control…

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