By: Swing Man Golf Staff

Swing Speed Trainer Certification

In the old days, it wasn’t uncommon for slightly pot-bellied professional golfers to finish their round and head off to the local bar or 19th hole. Now-a-days many golfers are leaner, in better shape, and golfers travel with or work with golf fitness trainers on their bodies in the hope of performing even better.

The certification program and subsequent test was designed for PGA Professionals, golf fitness trainers, etc by a PGA of America professional with a science, sports, and professional golf and long drive background.

It was made made to be Internet-based because we understand you have busy lives. This gives you the flexibility to fit the program in to your schedule as you have time. It also helps minimize your costs by not having to factor in a plane ticket, hotel, etc.

In order to obtain Swing Speed Trainer Certification, you must achieve the following.

-You’ve taken our online course

-You’ve passed a 50-question knowledge test

-You’ve contributed at least one training or handicap improving article to the community (these can be submitted for MSR credits with the PGA of America)

What do you get?

Once you sign up and pay the registration fee, you’ll get a kit that will get you up and running:

-Login access to the video-based instructional course online

-A Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar (USA only)

-A Set of Bodylastics Resistance Bands (USA only)

-Access to the Monthly Handicap Improver audio interviews and publication archives


After you pass the test, you’ll get a certification badge that you can use to promote yourself on your website, social media, etc.

You’ll also be inserted in to our public database so that we can help promote you to our audience.

Ready to sign up or need more info? Head on over Here!