By Jaacob Bowden

As I’m sure many of you know, Tiger announced on November 22nd that Chris Como will be consulting and working with Tiger on his golf swing.

According to my calculations, 36-year-old Chris was the T-58th most popularly searched for golf instructor in the world from October 2013 to October 2014. So although many people won’t have heard of him, those deeply involved in the golf industry will probably have previously come across his name. As of now, the announcement by Tiger bumped Chris up to the 5th most popularly searched instructor in the world. In fact, so much traffic went to Chris’ website immediately after the announcement that it became inaccessible because the bandwidth limit for his website server was exceeded. Chris got the Tiger bump.

For those that don’t know, briefly Chris got his start in golf as a range picker at Westlake Golf Course in California, which actually is only about 5 miles from where Tiger used to hold his World Challenge event at Sherwood Country Club. He is now working on his Master’s in Biomechanics and teaches out of Gleneagles Country Club in Plano, Texas. I’ve seen that his half-day instructional rates were $1,500/day ($375/hour) prior to the Tiger announcement.

Back in 2008, Chris started working with Notay Begay III, a PGA Tour winner turned commentator who has known Tiger since they were playing junior golf and then college golf at Stanford University. In late

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