By Paul Myers

In this article we’ll tell you about tour players with surprising swing speed.

Some of the longest hitters on the PGA Tour are easy to spot. Guys like Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson have enormous power, and just one look at them swinging a driver will make that quite obvious. There is nothing subtle about their power and great swing speed – it is evident right from the start.

However, some of the players on the PGA TOUR that pack an impressive punch don’t necessarily give you that impression right away. These guys can be ‘sneaky’ with their power and their swing speeds, but they are launching the ball out there nonetheless. Often, guys that appear on this list have smooth swings that accumulate power through beautiful technique as opposed to raw strength and aggression.

Following is a list of five players who you might not think of as particularly long hitters, but are certainly worthy of a second look in that regard. All swing speeds listed are gathered from official PGA TOUR statistics for the 2014 season.

Sergio Garcia – 120.03 MPH

Garcia is a big name on the world stage in the game of golf, but isn’t necessarily thought of as a big hitter in part because of his slight stature. Despite being smaller than many of the players on Tour, Garcia can positively blast the ball off the tee. Sergio likely creates more lag in his swing than any other player in the game, and he uses it to generate impressive club head speed through impact.

Aaron Baddeley – 117.61

‘Badds’ is probably more recognized for his putting prowess than his swing speed, but he is currently ranked T32 on the PGA Tour in this category. Baddeley has a swing that seems to repeat consistently throughout a tournament, and he has somewhat quietly built an impressive career all over the world. With ample power off the tee and a great putting touch, it isn’t hard to see why he has had so much success.

Andres Romero – 115.15

Romero could fall into the same category as Garcia, being a smaller-than-average guy who gets everything he can out of his frame. Romero hasn’t necessarily broke through for a big win just yet, but he has shown plenty of talent in putting his name high on the leaderboard in the 2007 Open Championship.

Charl Schwartzel – 118.20

This Masters champion has what many consider to be a wonderful looking swing, which he is able to translate into plenty of power off the tee. In winning at Augusta, he didn’t necessarily appear to overpower the course in the same manner as an Angel Cabrera or Bubba Watson, but clearly he had plenty of swing speed at his disposal to get the job done.

Louis Oosthuizen – 115.54

Another major champion, Oosthuizen took home the 2010 Open Championship and possesses an impressive swing speed despite standing just 5’10’’. In addition to having a Claret Jug to his name, Oosthuizen also was involved in a playoff at the 2012 Masters, where he lost to Bubba Watson on the second playoff hole.

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