By Jaacob Bowden

Member Question:

Hi Jaacob,

How does your technique affect health – i.e. the health of the spine, neck, hips and knees? …versus a standard 15 handicapper swing. Thanks!

-Rod, New Zealand

Jaacob’s Answer:

The swing I’ve built for myself actually does quite a bit to account for long-term health.

For example, for the most part I try to pick the ball rather than take divots to protect my wrists (it also helps minimize the risk of score-killing fat shots).

I open up my front foot at address enough to accommodate the level of flexibility I have in my hip rotators. This helps me swing through the ball to a full finish without putting as much pressure on my lead hip and knee (which is good because I had torn my ACL playing college basketball).

I don’t take a particularly wide stance. In general, wider stances limit mobility and I believe put more strain on the lower back.

I employ the use of my legs, a la Mike…

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