By Jaacob Bowden

Member Question:

Hello Jaacob,

Can you please tell me of your thoughts you have on the ” Hand Speed Trainer ” for golf?

Also, if you have any thoughts on the “Ultimate Swing Trainer” by Mike Bauman, I would be glad to hear them.

All the best, Ray S, 67 years old, 24 handicap, United Kingdom

Jaacob’s Answer:

Personally, I’ve never tried the Hand Speed Trainer (

However, near as I can tell it would fit in to the general category of heavy training aids…where you add weight to whatever you are swinging. It looks similar to the Weighted Agility Gloves.

If you end up using this, make sure to use it for swinging fast. You don’t want to build strength but have it be slow-twitch muscle strength and thus offset any power gains you might otherwise get by getting stronger.

With the Ultimate Swing Trainer, I must also say that I’ve never tried one, however, I don’t think I would ever get one based on their main video. It looks like it’s only one band…

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