By Jaacob Bowden

Member Question:

Hi Jaacob,

This will only take a New York minute. I can’t do this overspeed drill very well because the weight seems off, the grip itself outweighs the shaft I think. I’m going to drill out a golf ball and glue it on the end. 

What do you think of that?

Best, Rick R, 67 years old, 1 handicap

Jaacob’s Answer:

Yes, that would be fine.

That’s actually one of the old ways professional long drivers used to make homemade overspeed devices.

Nowadays there are actual products that you can buy. But if you’d rather do this, it’s totally okay.

Personally, my very first overspeed device was very similar…I drilled and bolted two golf balls on my shaft, though. There’s a picture of mine on the “Training Aids” page on the inside of the member area. I don’t know if two balls are better, but I do recall…

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