By Tom Wishon

Member Question:

I am getting ready to buy a set of the Sterling Irons, but not sure which wedges to play.

How would I decide between:

  1. My current Titleist Vokeys bought last year; reshaft these?
  2. buy the Sterling wedges as part of the set, to match other irons or 3) I like the look and technology of the Micro-Groove HM wedges

What factors should I consider?

– Tom G

Tom Wishon’s Answer:

Thanks very much for your time and your interest!

Now that the Sterling Irons have been on the market for about a year, we’re beginning to be able to see the trends and habits that golfers are following with regard to how they do their set makeups with the Sterling Irons.

In general, we can tell that the better the player, the more tendency there is for them to keep using their existing sand wedge and to do the single length irons down to the gap wedge.

With many of the players from say, 8 handicap on up, the trend is to go with the Sterling Irons SW.

I believe the reason is because better players often come upon a SW that they get used to sort of like a pair of old comfortable shoes. For some players, the SW is a very personal club, one they evolve into liking as they hit all manner of different shots with it over many years – chips, pitches, sand, rough, cut shots, 1/4 shots, half shots, 3/4 shots and full shots. All of those different uses with different speeds and…

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