As many of you know who use our swing speed training programs, resistance bands are often found as part of the training, like in the video below.

When people ask for a recommendation on the best resistance bands, we typically point our golfers to anything that is lightweight and portable…and that has multiple resistance options that can be measured (color coding, numbering,etc).

Historically, the one we mention most are from Bodylastics.

Recently, through one of our certified swing speed trainers named Mike Snyder, our Jaacob Bowden, PGA was turned on to a new cable machine training device called ANCORE (pronounced like anchor).

Normally you’ll see cable training as part of our programs for people who are interested in more advanced swing speed training and who also have access to a gym, but not everyone has access to a gym.

This is where the ANCORE cable trainer comes in to play.

ANCORE is a cable machine that is small, lightweight, portable, maneuverable, and high quality while also allowing you to change the resistance levels and work at speed. This means it’s great for a home gym or to take with you (it weighs about 9 pounds) wherever you want to go to work on your mis and advanced level swing speed training.

We liked it so much that Jaacob got in touch with the company and got an ANCORE Coupon Code set up for you to get $50 off.

Just put in JAACOBBOWDEN in the shopping card and you’ll get $50 off all ANCORE models.

ANCORE Coupon Code:


$50 off!!!

Enjoy and happy swing speed training!