By Tom Wishon

Almost since the first day graphite shafts were introduced to golfers some 35 years ago, a myth developed which said that graphite shafts were for older, weaker players while steel shafts were better for younger, stronger golfers.

It’s pretty obvious that myth has been shot down with respect to drivers and fairway woods. Graphite shafts have owned virtually a 100% share of the market in shaft use for drivers and woods for quite a number of years. In fact, it is all but impossible to find a driver or wood built with a steel shaft.


Because over the years, golfers have associated graphite shafts with increased distance – and where is distance more of a priority for golfers than with the driver and the fairway woods?

Virtually all graphite shafts for woods are lighter than the majority of steel shafts. Lighter shaft means lighter total weight, which means the golfer can…

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