By Jaacob Bowden

Now that you have an idea of the importance of hitting the ball farther, you know about where you currently stand, and you have picked out where you want to go, let’s talk about a couple key points to make this first month a success.

On the rare occasions that I have someone that didn’t quite pick up the speed they were expecting in the first month, normally it boils down to them simply going through the motions without making a real effort to try to get faster…and/or they didn’t make their down swing muscles stronger.

Getting Faster with the Radar

That is why I highly recommend using some sort of radar device to track your speed on each and every training swing. When you have a radar device to hold you accountable, the numbers are the numbers and there’s no getting around it. Having that feedback each swing can help ensure that you are really pushing yourself.

My favorite radar is the Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar (SSR) that…

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