By Adam Young

One of the biggest things that holds a player back is their mind-set. We know this, we are told it all the time – but what can we do about it?

When I was a kid growing up, I aspired to be a top golfer. However, I constantly found myself throwing away good rounds due to an inability to just “let-go” and play golf when I was in contention. This led me to enjoy competitive golf less and less, and veered me towards teaching (which I love).

Fast forward 12 years and it’s a different story – I have truly learned to play freely and without fear of a bad shot. Lots of things have gone into the reasons for this, and for everyone else, their reasons will be different.


One of the main revolutions of my own game came with getting older. As a kid, golf meant everything to me. If I played a bad round, it would upset me and ruin my week. I took poor shots too personally – I identified too much with golf.

But we have to realize – we are not our golf games. We can put all the training in, get out techniques where we want them, understand everything about the golf swing etc. But, ultimately, we are at the mercy of our bodies. As humans, we can’t just do what we want at will, or we would all be …

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