By David MacKenzie

MHI Golfer Question:

I am struggling to maintain a rhythmic good tempo swing because my reducing flexibility in my back is restricting my swing.

 I am 73 and play to 9 (occasionally).

 Can you help me mentally to have better tempo?

David’s Answer:

Tempo is such an important part of the golf swing.

A good, consistent tempo means you have the same time during each swing for the correct sequence to occur. Swing mechanics don’t really change much from round to round, but tempo does. When tempo changes, the swing changes.

When we’re nervous or feeling under pressure, tension and tempo typically increase, so being aware of tempo is very important.

Tempo awareness drills are always a good idea when practicing.

Hit shots with various different tempos and find which is best for you. By being more aware of tempo, you’ll notice it changing when you’re out on the course.

I’d definitely recommend…

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