By Tom Wishon

Ever noticed that the vast majority of advertisements for the latest and greatest new Driver are all about the promise of more distance? As we discussed last month, distance rules in the marketing focus of most golf companies because they know distance is a big deal in the minds of most golfers too. But what about accuracy? I mean really, what good is hitting the ball longer if your tee shots end up frequently in the trees or worse yet, in someone’s back yard?

What is it about the driver and its design that can offer better accuracy to keep you more in play and reduce the times you have to reach into the bag to pull out a new ball for your next shot? In short, accuracy cannot be designed into the driver head. Better accuracy with the driver comes strictly from the FIT of the driver to each different golfer and their combination of size, strength, athletic ability and swing characteristics.

Here are the very most important driver fitting tips to maximize your accuracy with the driver:

  1. A shorter length than what 99.9% of the drivers sold in any pro shop, golf store or online store is made to have. Here’s one of the most common sense bits of proof that today’s standard driver lengths are too long for the vast majority of golfers to hit with accuracy. For more than a decade the average driver length on the PGA…

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