How To Increase Your Golf Swing Speed | Swing Man Golf - Part 13


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Your Questions Answered

By Jaacob Bowden Member Question: I play the white tees because of my handicap but I consistently hit 300+ yard drives. I have the biggest problem with my 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 shots. On par 4’s I usually hit a bomb in the fairway (or close to) have 60-75 yards left,... read more

Detriments of Shaft Lean

By Adam Young For years, it seems as if leaning the shaft forwards at impact has been the holy grail of golf. But how much can this really help you? What might be the cost? While I am not advocating getting the club to lean back at impact, having an excessive amount... read more

Kyle Blakely Long Drive Q&A

Age:                                     28 Height:                              6’2″ Weight:                             185lbs Driver Specs: Krank Formula 6 – 4-degree head Fujikura Groove 2X shaft Sponsors: Krank Golf, HJ gloves Tornado Tee Champ Spikes... read more

Your Questions Answered

By Jaacob Bowden Member Question: Dear Jaacob, should I do the basic training first before doing the advanced?  I have time to hit the gym and focus on this for the next 30-60 days so I was wondering how much to train with you to build an advanced training program.... read more


By Adam Young Anyone who has successfully made a change in their golf swing understands that what they feel they are doing and what they are actually doing can be worlds apart. This can cause havoc when making a change, because we can often believe that we are doing... read more