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Rickie Fowler Runs Away with Honda Classic

By Paul Myers So far in the 2017 calendar year, there have been a number of easy wins on the PGA Tour. Well, to be fair, no win on the PGA Tour is easy, as you have to defeat the best competition in the world to come out on top. However, a few players have made their...

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Dan Konyk Long Drive Q&A

Age:                      39 Height:                6 feet 3 inches Weight:               16 stone 9 (233 pounds) Driver Specs: 4.5-degree Krank F5 with XXX-flex UST/XPHLEXX Shaft Sponsors: Krank, Hirzl, Golf Pride, Champ, Max Golf Protein, 5 Hour Energy, Garmin...

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A New, and Deserving, Number One Player

By Paul Myers Dustin Johnson is officially the number one ranked golfer in the world. If you follow professional golf closely, this news is not going to come as a surprise to you – Johnson has long been one of the most talented players in the world, and his ranking...

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The 80/20 Rule for Golf

By Adam Young You may have heard of the 80/20 rule. It states that 80% of the results come from 20% of the causes. Often, in golf, we focus so much on the gross movement patterns – how our shoulders are moving, how our hips are rotating, where our weight is positioned...

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Rahm Arrives in a Big Way at Torrey Pines

By Paul Myers When he turned professional, big things were expected of Jon Rahm. Once one of the best amateur players in the world, Rahm is represented by Phil Mickelson’s brother, Tim, who left his post as the coach of Arizona State University to serve as Rahm’s...

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Jim Waldron Long Drive Q&A

Age:                   27 Height:            6'3 Weight:           220 Driver Specs: Krank Golf F6 1.5-4.0 degrees with House of Forged 72 gram XX or XXX shafts. Right now my set up is a XXX tipped an inch with a 3.5 degree head.  I've hit as low of loft as 1.5 with...

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