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2018 PGA TOUR Club Head Speed Rankings

2018 PGA TOUR Club Head Speed Rankings Are you curious what the club head speed rankings are on the PGA TOUR for 2018? Who posts the fastest swing speeds? Who has the slowest swing on PGA TOUR? Click HERE to Learn How to Increase YOUR Average Golf Swing Speed Take a... read more

The Putting Routine

By Geoff Mangum The “routine” for putting is the use of your perceptual processes in a staging of accurate, pertinent, and useful perceptions of what matters for the reading and aiming of the putter, followed by the staging of your movement skills for setup and stroke... read more

How To Map Greens For Better Putting

By Geoff Mangum Mapping greens is fairly simple. Just sketch the outline shape of the green, rough in the outlines of the 2-4 “flat areas”, then mark the direction of tilt of each flat area (fall line) plus the steepness of tilt (slope percentage) — an arrow for fall... read more

Process for Improving

By Adam Young Below is a process I try to ingrain in my players. We work on the skills needed to improve their process. This process is: Identification of fault(s) There are lots of faults in golf, but a lot less than you would think. To me, coming ‘over the top’ (for... read more

Your Questions Answered

By David MacKenzie MHI Golfer Question: I often find myself trying to fix my swing after hitting a few bad shots during my warm-up. Panic sets in and I quickly start to fear a bad round. By the time I’m on the first tee I’m very anxious and feel like the ball could do... read more

Wes Patterson Long Drive Q&A

Age:                28 Height:           6’1” Weight:          200 lbs Driver Specs: 3 degree 3x tipped 1 inch Sponsors: ESP insurance Travis Mathew Crowe Socks Special Accomplishments: Top 8 at 2017 Worlds Team USA LD -423 What is your longest drive in competition?... read more

Why You Can’t Improve Your Golf Swing

By Adam Young Most people ruin their practice session the moment they hit their first ball. Avoid everyone else’s mistake by reading this, and understand how you can make your practice count. When you go to the driving range to practice, what is your goal? If you are... read more

Mitch Grassing Long Drive Q&A

Age:                22 Height:           6’3″ Weight:          265 Driver Specs: 3* Callaway with 4x Paderson shaft Sponsors: Callaway, Tornado Tee, Paderson Shafts, One Stop Power Shop Special Accomplishments: 2017 – Three 2nd place finishes on the... read more

Math For Reading Putts Over Multiple Slopes

By Geoff Mangum Generally, the “rule of thumb” math that Break (“) = Distance (‘) * Slope% / 2 (“/%-‘) can be used ONLY when the green surface is only one slope from ball to hole, not several — so the slope is FLAT (although slanted or tilted in gravity out of level)... read more