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Presidents Cup Preview

By Paul Myers While it doesn’t receive the same fanfare as the Ryder Cup, the Presidents Cup is still a huge event held every other year which pits many of the best golfers in the world against in each other in team competition. In the Presidents Cup, the team from...

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Your Questions Answered

By Jaacob Bowden Member Question: Hi Jaacob, How does your technique affect health – i.e. the health of the spine, neck, hips and knees? ...versus a standard 15 handicapper swing. Thanks! -Rod, New Zealand Jaacob’s Answer: The swing I've built for myself actually does...

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The X for Good Lags

By Geoff Mangum The X is about putts that do not aim outside the cup. The vertical alignment of the X is on the fall line thru the cup. The X establishes a pattern for which "leaves" are easy. Putts within a half meter of the cup are never a problem since the golfer...

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Locus of Attention in Putting

By Adam Young Did you know that the simple act of putting your attention in a different place can have a dramatic effect on your performance? What do you think about when putting? If you’re like most people, you will have an internal locus of attention. What does this...

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Preview of the PGA Championship

By Paul Myers The final major of the golf season always has plenty of drama, but the 2015 version of the PGA Championship may be one of the most exciting in recent memory. There will be multiple storylines coming together when the world’s best golfers descend on...

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